Tuesday, December 16, 2008

View From My Room

I took a break a few weeks back and took the famly to Cameron Highlands. It's my first time there, which was strange since I have been to the US, UK, India, France, Switzerland, Monte Carlo etc but I have never been to Cameron Highlands.

The drive is a bit of a chore what with the way it bends and weaves around the hill sides but once we got there (after taking another route as the first one was blocked by a fallen tree) it was nice. This was the morning view from our room at Strawberry Park resort the next day.

You can see the photo's that I took at Cameron Highlands here
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Links to my other web pages

Hi All,

Actually I am the same Mansur from Mansur's On-Line Silat Resource. The Silat website has not been updated for a long time as I am busy at my current engagement at Sun Microsystems as a Chief Technology Officer focusing on the Malaysian Government Sector.

You can find me at other places on the Net such as the Open Malaysia Blog run by my buddy Hasan. There's plenty of stuff there on Open Standards (Primarly concerning the ODF - Open Document Format/ISO26300) that should be of great concern to everyone...

You can see some of my photo's here at Flickr and also here

More later as time permits. There's a lot of studying to do at SUN ;-)