Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Malaysian Service Attitude - My Microwave Oven

We have a super reliable Japanese Microwave Oven that has lasted about 20 years. While we are happy with the unit itself, we have not been happy with the service levels or the attitude of the service people over the years.

This makes one think, if this is so typical in Malaysia, how can we build a world class Malaysian organization.

We reported a problem with the unit on the 1st of June, and while the original problem was fixed, the bulb blew and has yet to be replaced and the service personnel seems to have a lack of respect for the customer's (that's us) time.

They don't seem to understand that we have other time commitments (it is the school holidays and we have places to go, people to see...) and that these delays can cascade to other people. It is very important to deliver in a timely fashion as the whole ecosystem is affected. Maybe that is why Malaysians have a problem with punctuality because of other people within the the Malaysia Ecosystem...